Hofstetter Opportunity Grant

Every year, the Hofstetter Opportunity Grant Fund allocates $1,000 to help legally blind residents of Indiana who might struggle to get funding elsewhere. Grant funds can be used to partially or fully fund things like activities, materials, or equipment that will support personal, educational, entrepreneurial, or vocational goals.

Additionally, we offer advice on other potential sources of help for applicants.

Applications should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the need to give the committee time to review and respond to the request.

We invite anyone or any organization to contribute to The Hofstetter Opportunity Grant Fund. Since no administrative or fund raising expenses are taken from the fund, whatever is contributed goes entirely to our carefully selected recipients.

Please reach out to our fund adminstrator, Rita Kersh, at hoosierrita60@gmail.com, for any questions or additional information.

The Hofstetter Opportunity Grant Fund is a project of The American Council of the Blind of Indiana, an affiliate of The American Council of the Blind.