Mid-Year Presidents’ Meeting By Barbara Salisbury

It was my privilege this year to attend the ACB mid-year presidents’ meeting in Alexandria, VA, held on Feb. 25th. Although I’ve attended before in the role of vice-president, it’s always striking to me how many leaders we have from all across the country that are very knowledgeable and articulate advocates for their point of view and for their constituents.

The meetings cover everything from organizational practices to audio description, and much more. There were 2 sessions that were particularly memorable for me. Nancy Becker from the national financial office in MN presented a wealth of information on best practices in how to best protect and sustain the integrity of your organization; and, the panel discussion on listening devices. There was some very good information given regarding the devices themselves, but more importantly, it was emphasized by Dan Spoon (FL) that we are an organization that promotes accessibility and equality of all our members, in order to insure each member’s ability to participate in all that we do, thereby promoting greater knowledge and independence.

Lastly, as an ACB member, you should be proud of and know that the work our leaders in the national office and on the Board of Directors are doing, is second to none!
If you are interested in hearing more of the mid-year meetings, they are archived on our ACB website