Membership Spotlight, Dawnetta Richardson

Raised in Winslow Indiana in Pike County, Dawnetta has lived in Indianapolis for the past 7 years. She chose to relocate to Indianapolis after finishing her time at Bosma’s Rehabilitation Center where she completed training.

Graduating from high school, she attended college at Sullivan University in Louisville where she majored in culinary arts. She is married to Richie and has 3 step-children (Aaron, Kyle and Kendra), plus her dog Ruby.

Dawnetta works at the Bosma Rehabilitation Center as a full-time employee at the present time. She was a client from February to May 2013, and then volunteered at Bosma from September 2013-February 2015. She was then hired part-time as the Connections Coordinator in March 2015 and became a part-time Teachers assistant in the rehab center beginning January 2018 and continues working in this role as well.

Dawnetta has been a member of ACB for approximately ten months. She is a member of the Circle City Chapter and recently joined the ACBI convention planning committee. She is a three year member of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and visually Impaired (AER).

Dawnetta crochets, reads and enjoys cooking. Dawnetta’s Bucket List includes traveling to Ireland, Scotland and Australia. She said, “I would love to see our membership grow, see our presence out in the community and more community fundraisers. I have loved meeting new people and making new connections. I have for sure made some lifelong friendships.”