Membership Spotlight – By Barbara Salisbury

Fellow ACBI members, may I introduce Ted Boardman, a member of the Bloomington chapter, the Heartland Association of ACBI. Ted has been a member of ACB and ACBI for nearly 10 years and has been an active member of the Bloomington chapter for all this time, serving as the chapter secretary, and instrumental in the founding of the Heartland Association of ACBI and in writing its constitution and bylaws. He also serves the chapter as representative on the state Board of Directors and on the state organization’s technology and website committee.

Ted works at IU as the Information Technology Manager for the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University, and manages the computing infrastructure at the Judson Mead Geological Field Station in Montana. Starting this spring, he has been working part-time as a co-investigator in a project designed to enhance the screen reading experience for people who are blind and vision impaired.

Ted’s hobbies include playing the piano, writing fiction, developing websites and mobile apps, and occasionally getting outside to enjoy nature. Ted is a DKM First Timer recipient from the east for this year’s ACB national conference and convention. If you have any questions for Ted, or would like to make further contact, you can Reach him at