May 2021 Message from President Barbara Salisbury

We are celebrating ACBI’s Fiftieth anniversary! We are planning a picnic, hosted by ACBI, at Brown County State park on Sat., Aug. 21st. Picnic to officially begin at 12:00 noon!

We know that some of you may want to make this a little vacation weekend, so our planning committee has blocked off 10 rooms, but important! You need to make your reservations very soon! July is the cutoff date, but reserve before you forget! The cost is $115 plus fees and taxes, a significant reduction from the normal price of $144! The rooms are reserved for Friday night the 20th, and Saturday the 21st, So please reserve your choosing by July 15th. This block of rooms will be released at this time if not reserved.

The room reservation and cost will be yours to cover, but you won’t get this price any other way than through the block of rooms we have set aside! There is, of course, a lot to do in this area, so check out the Brown County visitors bureau for shopping, entertainment, and more, as well as the Brown County Inn for emminities and park activities.

There will be more details coming in the next couple months, so stay tuned to the Indiana email list, our 3rd quarter Focus On ACBI newsletter and this website. Click here to RSVP for our picnic by July 15th to Rita Kersh. If you’d like to bring any snacks
or desserts, please let her know when you RSVP.

We are hoping to form a focus group made up of various demographics of our membership to formulate a mission statement for ACBI’s portfolio and posting on our website. If you are interested in participating in this focus group, Email Barbara Salisbury.

Lastly, ACB national will hold Board of Directors and Board of Publications elections at this year’s virtual convention. You will receive a ballot to vote either through email as a link, or through snail mail which will provide you with a personal code to use when voting. If you would like to receive a link by email for voting and have not provided ACB with an email address through your membership information, you can still contact ACB and give them your email. ACBI’s July Information Station call will be held to discuss the candidates, and to explain the process for voting at the virtual ACB convention. Stay tuned for more details regarding the voting process
and how ACBI plans to provide a way for you to caucus should there be a
contested position (a nomination from the floor).