Job Seekers Sign up with Aira for 100 Free Minutes

To recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October), Aira is pleased to announce a special program available to ACB members to foster employment opportunities.

Aira, the service that connects people who are blind or low vision with remote sighted assistance, supports employment by providing customers (also known as Explorers) free service for activities related to finding and securing employment. The Aira Employment program has been available to our Explorers since February 2018. We offer free service to job-seekers as they navigate employment sites, fill out applications, build resumes, choose outfits, and travel to and from meetings with prospective employers.

Aira will extend this opportunity to ACB members who are not Aira customers yet, so they can use the Aira app on their smartphone for 100 minutes of free employment-related service. Individuals will be able to initiate this temporary Aira Account for employment services starting November 12, 2018.

How Does This Offer Work?

ACB affiliate leaders are asked to reach out to their members to collect the names, mobile number, email contact, and state for ACB members who are not already Aira Explorers and who wish to use Aira to help find a job. Then, we ask that affiliate leaders Send Contact Information They’ve Collected to Paul Schroeder at Aira
who will ensure that ACB members are validated to use Aira as a Guest for the employment-related offer.

How Will ACB Members (Aira Guests) Access the Offer?

To reiterate, this is for ACB members who are not currently Aira Explorers. To use this opportunity, individuals must download the Aira app onto their smartphones (iPhone or Android). The Aira app is available in the App Store, Play Store, or at

Sign up for a free Guest account by tapping the banner at the top of the home screen that says “Tap to use Aira as a Guest for FREE.” A Guest can use Aira at many locations where Aira Access has been deployed, as well as with certain offers in the “Call using a Free Offer section of the app. From November 12, and once Aira receives the name, mobile number, email contact, and state for ACB members interested in this opportunity, we will authenticate temporary Aira accounts for 100 free minutes for conducting job-finding activities.

Aira will also offer a free month of service for any ACB Guest who finds a job and signs up for an Aira plan.
As this offer is specifically designed to help foster employment, please be aware that our agents will be asked to end sessions that are not related to job-seeking. In addition, the 100 minutes will only be available for use through the end of December 2018.
Aira is truly enthusiastic about its partnership with ACB and the opportunity to improve the employment situation for people who are blind or have low vision.