From Your President

By Barbara Salisbury

Greetings ACBI from your new president! I am honored to serve ACBI in this capacity, but, before I introduce myself, I want to thank Lynn Powers for her service as president over the last several years. I was privileged to serve alongside her as vice-president. Thanks Lynn from your VP!

My name is Barbara Salisbury and I greet you from Bloomington where I have been president of the Heartland Association of ACBI for several years. I am married and my husband, Rhett, is a great supporter of ACB, and a great supporter of me and all my projects!

I’d like to share a little about my philosophy of leadership and vision for ACBI, and what I hope we can do together to grow our organization. In short, an organization only “works” because we as individuals “work”, sharing our talents, ideas, creativity… And, I know there is a lot of all of this out there! Now, don’t let this scare you, because if we all get onboard, the work is lighter, and a lot more fun!

We have several ways in which you can share in ACBI, and to learn more please contact me, but I want to draw your attention to the membership committee, in particular, headed up by Rich Vonderhaar. We are eager to tap your ideas and grow our organization and its capacity to do even more. We are considering holding a monthly membership call. We really do want your ideas about what you want your organization, ACBI, to look like, so be on the alert for the announcement of membership calls!

We are in full swing planning our joint state convention with Ohio, hosted by us this year and held in Indianapolis. Put this on your radar; you’ve just got to be there!! Check out the convention article, written by Rita Kersh convention chair.

Lastly, we will be launching our new interactive website this spring, which will bring greater visibility to ACBI. Thank you, Bill Sparks and committee! You will be able to pay dues and convention registration, access the Focus, apply for scholarships, interact through FB and twitter, and find other links of interest. We’re so excited, so look for our website and check it out!

In closing, I invite you to contact me any time with questions, ideas, concerns, whatever it is, we want to hear from you! My contact info is at the top of the Focus and on our new website!

Happy Spring!