From Your President by Barbara Salisbury

Dear ACBI Members:

Where do I begin! What a whirlwind this 2nd quarter has been since I last wrote to you the first of March. I will try to recap it all, but we will see how successful my effort will be!

With the onset of the shutdown, ACB initiated an effort to connect us all via community chats, and the effort has been very successful! Over a thousand people each month are tuning into all kinds of virtual meetings from political to personal exercise, to cooking and fashion discussions, and much, much more! You should be getting these emails from ACB and I hope you will dial into one of these offerings because I am sure you will find them interesting, engaging and may find a new friend, or at least a new group to connect with!

Also, with the new requirement of social distancing, the issue of absentee voting became a energizing and all consuming concern for the blindness community to get to work and advocate for accessible, remote voting. So consequently, as ACBI adopted a resolution in 2018 addressing the issue of inaccessible remote/absentee voting, our advocacy and awareness committee convened and devised a way forward that has great possibility even for November’s election. See Dee Ann Hart’s article on the website for more information, and stay tuned to our website and sign up for the Indiana L-list on our website for timely announcements.

Regarding all things convention, I hope you will register for and tune into the ACB national virtual convention, July 4th through July 11th. If you have questions about how to connect for the virtual convention, please contact ACBI through our message link on our website, or call the national ACB office. Also, the in-person ACBI/ACBO 2020 convention has been cancelled due to the uncertainty surrounding the Corona virus this fall. We will be considering a possible virtual convention, so please stay tuned to our website for the convention committee’s decision. For more timely announcements, join the Indiana List, link also found on our website.

Finally, our next Board of Directors’ meeting is Sat., Aug. 1st, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The plan is for a face-to-face meeting, so if you are interested in attending and can’t be in person with us, please let us know a week or so in advance so we can be sure to do our best to accommodate your attendance. As always, if you have questions, concerns, or ideas, please reach out to me!