Focus on ACBI for July-September 2022

Focus On ACBI: July-September 2022
A Publication of the American Council of the Blind of Indiana
President: Rita Kersh
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Focus On ACBI
Ways to contribute to the American Council of the Blind of Indiana:
From Your President: Rita Kersh
SCAVI NEWS: Rich Vonderhaar
Virtual Chapter, Active Members: David Rosenkoetter
Heartland Chapter News: Ted Boardman
Get Ready for a Great Convention!!: Barbara Salisbury
2022 ACB Indiana-Ohio Convention Registration Form
Retirement and what’s next: Lynn Powers
NLS Operations Alert: Major releases for Android and iOS BARD Apps
SUBJECT   :   BARD Mobile iOS version 2.0 release
Summer recipes
Greek Pasta Salad
Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie
Contact Information for the 2022 Board of Directors
Area Representatives
Renewal Application
From Your President
By Rita Kersh
Hello fellow ACBI members!
Our summer is winding down and as fall approaches, our convention committee is putting the pedal to the metal and getting in high gear for our fantastic joint convention with Ohio. You’ll read more about the convention later in this issue. I have been helping in different areas where I’m needed and am excited that our registration forms (one for in-person, one for virtual) and tentative program agenda are live on our website.
Talking about the convention, I have posted an announcement on our Indiana list for nominations for our two awards—the Hofstetter Award and Price Award. There is a deadline, so get your nominations in soon. I also have appointed a nominations committee to search for board members to fill our vacant spots. This is not always a simple job, because we want very capable and energetic people on our board.
I’m thrilled to see new member applications trickling into my In Box. We at ACBI welcome you all and hope you find a rewarding place with us. I’d like to have more trickles coming in, but I’ll try to be patient.
Our ACBI Google phone number and e-mail form on our website have been active and I’ve returned each of these messages. Some assistance I’ve given include serving as a resource for a gentleman who is blind in Knox county in connecting him with Bosma; a wife was concerned about architectural issues in her new subdivision that might cause injuries to her husband with low vision and I made suggestions for making them safer; I suggested a family member of a gentleman who is blind in Terre Haute contact the Will Center for services, and there were more of these types of contacts. I enjoy problem solving and I hope all of these folks found the help they needed.
Our accessible absentee ballot law suit is on-going. The defense thinks they have a temporary solution that can be used in the November elections, but it still is not accessible to screen readers. This suit still has several months to go before there is any resolution. Thank you to Dee Ann Hart and Barbara Salisbury for taking part in all the Zoom meetings and e-mail correspondence.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I hope to run into you at the convention!
Hope you all have had a fantastic summer.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone, but as the saying goes, how time flies when you are having fun!
After canceling our July meeting because some of our members had a schedule conflict with the ACB National convention, we were eager to get back together in August.  The coffee was hot, and everyone had a lot of catching up to do.  Our chapter meetings are fun because as well as getting business done, which we have to do, we always enjoy seeing each other as we are all friends and share a nice bond.  Perhaps that is kind of a small town advantage of sorts. 
Our August meeting had ten members, one guest visitor and a speaker, so twelve people in all.  That speaker was Diane Coulter, who talked about her recent trip to Israel.  She also played some videos she made during the trip and nicely described them for us.
In September we are having a planning session to get ready for the ACBI State convention and to prepare for SCAVI’s fortieth anniversary coming up in October.  That will be one of the topics in our next issue.  See you then.
Virtual Chapter, Active Members
By David Rosenkoetter
The fall is here, which means our State convention is just around the corner. Now many of our members get to see each other on a monthly basis in-person. What about the rest of us? Welcome to the Hoosier All-State Chapter where we meet monthly via Zoom.
You’ve perhaps heard of our early activities, that the efforts were in place to draft a Constitution, elect officers and bring in members who can connect with each other. Consider those first few steps done. Now we want you who live some distance from one of our three in-person chapters or simply desire to be what some State affiliates consider a member at large to join us.
Before introducing our cast of officers, I’d like to share some benefits you can have by being part of ACBI’s newest chapter.
First and foremost, you get to meet and mingle with others in the blindness community. Maybe, you live in a small or mid-sized town where you are it as far as someone who is low-vision or totally blind.
You may be in an area where connecting with others who are blind gets difficult because of transportation issues. As a virtual member, you get to meet others who are navigating life’s contours in much the same way you are.
Secondly, you can better stay connected with the advocacy efforts being done to breech the acceptance gap that still persist between the mainstream public and much of the blindness community.
Thirdly, you get to contribute your voice for fund-raising, social, advocacy, and other affiliate activities. With a membership of between one and two hundred in our State affiliate, your ideas and concerns do matter. Being in regular touch with a virtual affiliate will enhance your involvement.
Finally, you may meet others in your area who are blind and interested in starting a new in-person chapter. After all, chapters can be formed when five people minimum desire it. So the virtual chapter can serve as a vehicle in that direction as well.
Now what’s left? Join us. Dues, like any other State affiliate are five dollars. We meet via Zoom on the third Thursday of each month at
7:00 PM Eastern. We’ll be sending out the Zoom information on the Indiana-L list so you can see it in advance.
AS for our initial officers, Earlene Hughes serves as our Treasurer, Melissa Wabschall as secretary, Pat Tusing as Vice President, Dee Ann Hart as our at-large board representative, and yours truly as President.
We look forward to getting to know you as our chapter grows and advocates for the dignity and independence of us who are part of the blindness community.
David Rosenkoetter, President
Heartland Chapter News
By Ted Boardman
Our chapter has been meeting virtually at the request of members. We may meet in October in person. We have reached out to the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University to inquire about described tours for the blind. They have not finalized the tour. However,  they have asked if we would be interested in coming to provide feedback on the tour as it currently exists. Some of us will be doing that this fall. We currently have open positions for vice-president and treasurer.
Get Ready for a Great Convention!!
It’s Almost Here!
By Barbara Salisbury
Everyone will be amazed at all the happenings at our ACBI-ACBO convention in Bloomington the weekend of November 11-13.
Friday’s activities will begin in the afternoon with at least one walk-about  the square to go along with our “Get Up and Get Moving” campaign, and to orient us to downtown restaurants, pubs, and shops.  There is a lot to explore just steps away from the front door of the Hilton Garden Inn, and we hope you will take advantage of the fantastic location of this year’s convention hotel!  Other activities on Friday include: 
• The opening of the exhibit hall
• Mini sessions by some of our vendors
• Our opening session honoring our veterans
• Our keynote speaker Kathy Nimmer, a nationally recognized Teacher of the Year.
After our opening session activities, we will enjoy live music from Davis and Devitt, and yes there will be a dance floor!
On Saturday, the whole day is packed! There will be affiliate business meetings, breakout sessions with 7 informative topics, the exhibit hall, evening banquet and an exciting live auction with lots of must-haves!  Our lunch speaker will feature our gold sponsor, HIMS.  On Saturday evening, our banquet speaker is Lonny Bedwell, a nationally known extreme sports enthusiast, who also happens to be blind. 
Sunday we’ll have our non-denominational service, followed by our memorial service, one last session, and conclude with business meetings. After all that, we will all take a breath and celebrate a convention well-done!  
The registration forms are on our website at, where you’ll find one for in-person attendance and one for virtual. In-person cost is $80 and includes 4 meals:  breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and the lunch and banquet meal on Saturday evening. There is a registration form below for those without computer access. The deadline to get your registrations in is October 15.
We hope you are planning to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn with us. The room cost will be $119 with fees and taxes (approximately $133 per night). The guest rooms can be shared at no additional cost, and they are equipped with microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers!  Please note, To get the convention guest rate, contact the Hilton Garden Inn Bloomington on or before October 15th.  To make your reservation, call 812-331-1335 and use the code “ACB”. Reservations made after that date will cost the standard rate.
Go to our website at for more details.
See you the weekend of November 11-13 for a fabulous convention!

2022 ACB Indiana-Ohio Convention Registration Form
By Rita Kersh
The deadline to turn in registration form and payment is October 15.
Street address:
City:              State:       ZIP Code:
Program Medium Choice
____Braille    ____Large print
I need an assistive listening device ___yes ___no
If you have food allergies or restrictions, please list them:
A plated breakfast will be provided in the ballroom on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Please select your choice for Saturday’s lunch
____Chicken salad on croissant    ____Cob salad
Please select your meal choice for the evening banquet
____Pork chops    ____Salmon    ____Mushroom Ravioli
Convention registration is $80 for in-person attendance.
Payment: Make checks payable to ACBI and mail to:
ACBI, PO Box 2216, Bedford, IN  47421
Retirement and what’s next
By Lynn Powers
Growing up, I was not introduced to the blindness community. In 2004, friends convinced me to join ACB-Ohio. It was a good decision to get involved. I was introduced to people who experienced the world as I did.  The sports retreats that ACB-Ohio offered were a highlight. In 2006, when planning a job change to Indianapolis, it was recommended that I reach out to Don and Gerry Koors. The Koors’ were very helpful as I needed information on public transit and the best places to live without transportation. 
I had no idea what to expect. A new job, new friends, new activities and more. The experiences here have exceeded my expectations. I was elected to the ACBI board at the end of 2007 and remained there until the end of 2021, serving as president of ACB-Indiana from 2014-2017. During my time as president, Barbara Salisbury (vice president from 2014-2017) and I initiated changes that we felt ACBI needed. She and Rita Kersh have continues those efforts to this day. ACBI is a better organization thanks to everyone’s contributions.
In early 2023, I will be moving back to the Cleveland Ohio area and working remotely for a little longer. That’s not very far away.  Since we have been combining our state conventions, that gives me reason to come back to Indiana and for you all to head to Ohio when we get together. I hope to stay in touch with all of you and wish you the best. 
Thanks for your support, fellowship and friendship. I hope we cross paths after 2023!
NLS Operations Alert: Major releases for Android and iOS BARD Apps
Submitted by Mary Stores 
No. 22-80
DATE         :   September 1, 2022
TO             :   Network Libraries
FROM        :   Julia Kim, Product Manager, Channel Design and Deployment
SUBJECT  :   BARD Mobile Android version 1.4.5 release
NLS is releasing version 1.4.5 of the BARD Mobile Android app. This release brings major improvements, bug fixes, and increased stability since the March 2022 release.
Version 1.4.5 includes:
• The ability to pause and resume downloads
• sort and search capabilities in Bookshelves and the various Get Book lists
• the ability to delete books from Wish List
• a new More Info book details screen
• the ability to switch Recently Read books within the Now Reading screen
• a new Settings tab with new settings for User Account and Audio Settings pages
• a number of features in Audio Settings that are default set to “off,” such as:
◦ background playback to play books without the screen on
◦ auto-lock during playback to support uninterrupted background playback of books
◦ automatic start playback to automate playing of books loading in the Now Reading screen
◦ automatic five-second rewind from the last reading position when returning to the Now Reading screen to resume playback
The release includes more than a dozen bug fixes that include:
• app stability with poor network connectivity, interruptions, and accessibility and configuration changes
• audiobook Now Reading playback issues
• resuming paused books downloads
• issues with Sleep Timer when navigating from other parts of the app
• rewind and fast forward audio notifications
• corrections to book narrator metadata fields displayed
Users should be able to update supported Android devices by Friday, September 9. If users have not automated BARD Mobile updates, they will need to go to the BARD Mobile entry in Google’s Play Store and enable the update. NLS recommends users enable the option to automate updates to ensure they receive timely updates. BARD Mobile users can confirm that they are running the latest version by checking the bottom of the app’s Settings screen.
NLS plans to follow up quickly with a v1.4.6 release to address additional bug fixes.
For more information, please contact:
Julia Kim
Product Manager, Channel Delivery and Design
NLS Operations Alert
No. 22-83
DATE          :   September 9, 2022
TO               :   Network Libraries
FROM         :   Julia Kim, Product Manager, Channel Design and Deployment
SUBJECT   :   BARD Mobile iOS version 2.0 release
NLS is releasing version 2.0 of the BARD Mobile iOS app. This is a major release and includes in-app search capability as well as several other feature updates, increased app stability, and bug fixes.
With this update, BARD Mobile no longer includes the embedded view of the BARD website, but gives patrons the ability to search within the app by keyword, author, title, or annotation and, from the search results listings, download the book directly to their iPhone or iPad. Other enhancements to search capabilities include:
• Search inputs are more intuitive. Author search supports First Name, Last Name format; Last Name, First Name; and Last Name only. Quotation marks are no longer required. For example, input “Mary Clark” (without quotations) to find all the Mary Higgins Clark titles.
• Keyword search supports searching all indexed metadata and can help users looking for multiple criteria. For example, to find a Terri Pratchett book narrated by Nick DePinto, a user can simply input “dePinto Terri“ (without quotations).
• After a user inputs a search, they can amend the search type, the inputted term itself, or the format (audio or braille), and sort results alphabetically by author, title, or latest publication date.
• In-app search now includes NLS Music collection holdings, allowing users to access the variety of musical appreciation and biography books, scores, and music instructional titles.
• Users can switch between audio and braille searches. For example, input “learn guitar” (without quotation marks) with the search defaults to find audio instructional titles, then select the braille format and the search button again to find braille titles. Version 2.0 also includes enhancements to searching and sorting Bookshelf and Get Books listings.
Additionally, Version 2.0 fixes problems with:
• rewind controls skipping further than intended
• side loading books
• downloading and reading non-ASCII foreign language book titles
Users should be able to update supported iOS devices by Friday, September 23rd. BARD Mobile users can confirm that they are running the latest version by checking the bottom of the app’s Settings screen.
For more information, please contact:
Julia Kim
Product Manager, Channel Delivery and Design
Summer recipes
                Submitted By Pat Tusing
These recipes come from the June, 2022 Vision Access page 12-13 for the Greek Salad and  Page 13 for the Toll House Pie.
Greek Pasta Salad
Spiral noodles
Red bell pepper
Black olives
Feta cheese
Green onion
Ken’s Greek salad dressing
Cook noodles & drain
Mix all ingredients and chill

Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie
2 eggs
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 sticks butter, softened and at room temperature
1 6-oz. package chocolate chips
1 cup walnuts, if desired
1 9-inch unbaked pie crust or graham cracker crust
Beat eggs in large bowl and add flour, sugar and brown sugar.
Mix well and add softened butter, chocolate chips and optional walnuts to this mixture.
Blend all ingredients and pour in to the pie crust.
Bake for one hour at 350 degrees.

Contact Information for the 2022 Board of Directors
President: Rita Kersh, Bedford
Vice-president: Kari Goodman, Shoals
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Cindy Brooking, Mitchell
Past President: Barbara Salisbury, Bloomington
Deanna Austin, Indianapolis
Ted Boardman, Bloomington
Deanne Hart, Muncie
Gerry Koors, Indianapolis
David Rosenkoetter, Fort Wayne
Mary Stores, Bloomington
Regina Vonderhaar, Bedford
Earlene Hughes, West Lafayette,
Melissa Wobschall, West Lafayette
Area Representatives
Circle City: Don Koors
Heartland Association
SCAVI: Dolly Sowder, Bedford
NOTE: Mention of products and services in this newsletter is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement of any such product of service by the American Council of the Blind of Indiana.

Renewal Application
Persons interested in becoming a member or renewing their membership need only to send their check for $7, payable to ACBI, to Cindy Brooking, 676 VFW Road, Mitchell, Indiana 47446, along with the following information:
Name ____________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________________________________
Phone Number: _(____)_____________________________________________________
E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________________
Occupation: ____________________________________________________________Newsletter Format Preference:
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