CVS Request for Assistance

ACB and our lawyers, Lainey Feingold and Linda Dardarian, continue to work with CVS in Structured Negotiation to ensure that talking prescription labels are available to blind customers whenever and wherever customers need them.

1. CVS currently offers talking labels through its mail order department. Medications with the ScripTalk talking labels can be mailed to a customer’s home or to a local CVS pharmacy. The number to call for this service is: *888-861-4363*. Because of federal regulations, currently customers are not able to order controlled substance medications through this mail order program.

2. Caremark customers can also obtain talking and braille labels by calling their Caremark customer service number.

3. ACB continues to work with CVS so the company will offer a talking label solution in its stores for customers who need a same-day prescription filled and customers who have controlled substance prescriptions and cannot benefit from the mail-order options described above.

4. Here is how blind CVS customers can help:
A. Call the CVS toll free number at 888-861-4363 and ask for your prescription medications to be delivered with a talking label to either your home or your local CVS store. If there are any issues getting this delivery set up, please let us know.

B. Ask the staff at your local CVS pharmacy if they know about CVS’s mail order talking label program. If they do not, please let us know.

C. If you have the need for a same-day prescription and cannot get a talking label, please tell your local CVS pharmacist that you need the label and ask them what they propose. Please let us know what happens. If you have had this experience in the last 90 days, please share that too.

5. The best way to share your experience is to Email Lainey Feingold at . If email is not available to you, please call Linda’s firm at 800-822-5000 and ask for Scott Grimes.

6. Whether you call or email, please provide the following information:

  • A. your name, phone number and email.
  • B. your local CVS store.
  • C. details of what happened.
  • D. If you could not get your medication with a talking label, did you need to rely on sighted assistance?

7. ACB is also working with CVS on kiosks the company currently has available in its Minute Clinics. These kiosks allow customers to sign in for appointments but are currently not accessible. If you have been to a CVS Minute Clinic and have experienced these kiosks, please contact Lainey and Linda at the email or phone numbers above. Please let them know whether you experienced any delay or other problems because the kiosks are not accessible.