Creating a Remote Chapter by Rita Kersh, ACBI VP

In 2019 ACBI took on a new challenge by researching the possibility of creating a remote chapter in our state. The purpose of this type of chapter would be to bring together those ACBI members who live too far from one of our three established chapters.

We developed a Remote Chapter Committee made up of Rita Kersh, Dawnetta Richison, Aaron Linson and Vicky Western plus Barbara Salisbury who gives us welcome feedback. Our first step was to contact other states who have this type of option for its members and thus far we have spoken to a member of the Michigan affiliate. We learned how they operated their remote chapter and that helped us come up with our own ideas.

Our committee would like to speak to other states who have this option for their members and Barbara is going to check with other affiliate presidents on one of their calls. The committee is aware that there are members from one end of the state to the other and we would like to get everyone more involved with ACBI. If you are currently looking for a chapter and there is none nearby, please Email Rita Kersh.