Dobson Grant

The American Council of the Blind of Indiana (ACBI) has a limited amount of money available for grants to students pursuing a degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. These grants, limited to a maximum of $1,000.00 per recipient, are targeted to students who have completed necessary academic coursework and preparing to do required practicum or internship.

To qualify for a grant, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have graduated from an Indiana high school or have an undergraduate degree from an Indiana college or university.
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program that meets eligibility requirements of ACVREP to sit for the CVRT examination (Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.
  • Must have the chairperson of the program submit a letter that the student has satisfactorily completed all academic coursework and is ready to begin their practicum or internship, and has been accepted to a facility/institution for the required field work.

Donations to continue the scholarship fund established in memory of Ardis
Dobson and to benefit students pursuing a degree in vision rehabilitation therapy
are appreciated and may be sent to:

The American Council of the Blind of Indiana
PO box 2216
Bedford, IN , 47421.

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Ardis Dobson was a teacher who found joy in helping people deal with their blindness. Suffering from a number of health problems did not slow her down. A native of Indiana, Mrs. Dobson got a degree in elementary education from Indiana University but ended up accepting a job at a nursing home as a nurse’s aide.

While working there, she became visually impaired. She then became a rehabilitation teacher for the blind, a field in which she worked for more than 20 years, including the last 18 years at the Bosma center. She had a lot to do with helping people realize you could lead a happy life with a vision impairment. Mrs. Dobson knew first hand what it felt like to face losing one’s vision.
so if there was any way she could help somebody else with a vision impairment, she would. She died Dec. 19 at age 52.

Hofstetter Opportunity Grant Application

Each year the fund has $1,000.00 available, in part or in whole, to aid any certified legally blind resident of Indiana. The grant would partially or fully fund such activity, materials, and/or equipment as may enhance the personal, educational, entrepreneurial or vocational aims of one who may be unable to obtain funding through other means. A secondary purpose of the fund is to advise applicants of such other known means as may be available to meet their need.

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Hofstetter Award

The Hofstetter Award is one of ACBI’s most prestigious awards and honors; sighted individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to Indiana’s residents who are blind or visually impaired. The award is named after Dr. Henry W. Hofstetter
(1914-2002), international lecturer, author, founding director of Indiana University’s Optometry program, Past President of the American Optometry Association, member of the National Optometry Hall of Fame and past member of ACBI.

The Hofstetter Award is bestowed upon deserving individuals who have made an exceptional life time contribution to blind and visually impaired citizens of Indiana. Anyone may nominate someone for this award by contacting an ACBI officer. See the Contact page of this website. The ACBI board of Directors review nominations and determine eligibility.

Past Hofstetter Award Recipients:

  • Dr. Deborah McConnaha, 2018
  • David Nelson, 2012
  • Lou Moneymaker, 2011
  • Julia Studebaker, 2010
  • Edie Huffman, 2008
  • Durward Hutchinson, 2007
  • Richard Harris, 2005
  • Frank Kern, 2004
  • Stephen Campagnoli O.D., 2003
  • Mike Sowder, 2002
  • Frances Shine, 1999
  • C. William Trubey O.D., 1998
  • Rev. Maurice Brockman, 1995
  • Marie Jeffreys, 1993

Patricia “Pat” Price Award

The Patricia Price Award was established by ACBI in 1996, to be given to a blind or visually impaired individual who has done much to enhance the lives of Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired. Pat, a founding member of ACBI, received the first award. It may be given each year if there is a deserving candidate. Pat Price died in 2009 and will be greatly missed by her friends and colleagues.

Past Pat Price Award Recipients:

  • Deanna Austin, 2018
  • Cathy Nimmer, 2015
  • >Barbara Salisbury, 2014
  • Pauline Ulrey, 2012
  • Dolly Sowder, 2011
  • John Huffman, 2010
  • Don Koors, 2008
  • Sue L’Esperance, 2007
  • Bashir Masoodi, 2002
  • Evelyn Meyers, 2001
  • Josephine Price, 2000
  • Patricia “Pat” Price, 1996