Accessible Covid-19 Stats

By Tyler Littlefield

I realized a strong lack of accessible data and statistics. As a result, I created an accessible COVID-19 data source

The site is split into sections, you can find the sections by navigating by heading. For sections that have more information, you will hear that the heading contains a button, which you can tap or hit enter on to expand.

Within many of the statistic sections, you will find tables, which provides a breakdown of data within that category. You can sort the table by tapping (or hitting enter) on any of the column headers.

Version 2.0 brings the following improvements:
* Ability to see COVID-19 stats based on county.
* Performance improvements: we now only load the data for the sections you activate.
* CVStats in the news: a list of links where we were discussed either on a podcast or in the news (CNET, VICE, The Daily Mail), etc.
Email Tyler Littlefield with any questions or comments