The Patricia Price Award was established by ACBI in 1996, to be given to a blind or visually impaired individual who has done much to enhance the lives of Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired.  Pat, a founding member of ACBI, received the first award.  It may be given each year if there is a deserving candidate.   Pat Price died in 2009 and will be greatly missed by her friends and colleagues.

Barbara Salisbury, 2014
Dolly Sowder, 2011
John Huffman, 2010
Don Koors, 2008
Sue L'Esperance, 2007
Bashir Masoodi, 2001
Evelyn Meyers, 2001
Josephine Price, 2000
Patricia "Pat" Price, 1996

Updated 09/16/2014