The texts of the ACBI Constitution, Bylaws and Amendments are found in the following section. 

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The American Council of the Blind

of Indiana. (ACBI)


Constitution & Bylaws


Founded 1971

Adopted 1972

Amended: 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1993, 2001,

2002, 2004, 2015, 2016




Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the American Council of the Blind of



Article II: Purpose

  The purpose of the American Council of the Blind of Indiana is to strive for

the betterment of our total community.

  A. Through a representative state organization primarily of blind people.

  B. By providing a forum for the views of the blind from all corners of the

state and from all walks of life.

  C. By elevating the social, economic, and cultural levels of the blind.

  D. By improving educational and rehabilitation facilities.

  E. By broadening vocational opportunities.

  F. By encouraging and assisting the blind, especially the newly blinded, to

develop their abilities and potentialities and to assume their responsible

place in the community.

  G. By cooperating with the public and private institutions of and for the


  H. By providing for the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and information

relating to matters of concern to blind people.

   I. By conducting a program of public education aimed toward improving the

understanding of the problems of blindness and of the capabilities of blind



Article III: Membership, Voting and Dues

  A. Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years old is eligible to become a

member of this organization upon complying with the provisions hereinafter

contained. A majority of the members of this organization must be blind or

visually impaired.

  B. Each member in good standing attending a regular convention shall be

entitled to one vote.

  C. Dues shall be paid on a calendar year basis, the amount to be set forth in

the By-Laws.

  D. There shall also be provision for non-voting associate membership by

organizations and individuals who wish to support our efforts. Annual dues for

associate membership shall be set by the Board of Directors.


Article IV: Officers

  A. The officers of this organization shall consist of a president, a

vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer, and their terms of office shall

be two years beginning January 1 of even numbered years, immediately following

the annual convention.

  B. In addition to the officers, this organization shall have nine directors to

be elected by the convention for terms of three years. At the first election

three shall be elected for three years, three shall be elected for two years,

and three shall be elected for one year.

  C. Officers elected after the adoption of this amendment shall not be elected

for more than three (3) consecutive terms to the same office, and no director

shall be elected to more than two (2) consecutive terms. Twelve (12) months or

more shall be counted as a full two-year term for officers. Eighteen (18) months

or more shall be counted as a full three-year term for directors.

  D. Officers and directors shall be elected by a majority vote cast at any

regular convention.

  E. Vacancies of offices occurring between conventions shall be filled by

temporary appointment of the board of directors. An election will be held at

the next regular convention to fill the vacancy for the duration of the term.

  F. The immediate past president shall be automatically a voting member of the

board of directors.

  G. A chapter president or a chapter designee who is not an elected member of

the board may participate at Board meetings with voting privileges.

  H. The executive committee shall consist of the president, vice-president,

secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president to carry out assignments of

the board.


Article V: Powers and Duties of Convention, the Officers, the Board of

Directors, and of Committees.

  A. Any voting member of the organization may make or second motions, propose

nominations, serve on committees, and be elected to office. The convention

shall determine the time and place of its meetings.

  B. Officers of this organization shall perform the usual functions of the

offices as prescribed by Robert's Rules of Order Revised, unless provided for

in the By-Laws.

  C. The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of this organization

between conventions provided that it shall make no policy decisions and take

no official action in conflict with existing decisions or actions of the


  D. A nominating committee consisting of no less than three and no more than

five members shall be appointed by the president not later than ninety days

prior to the convention.

  E. The Board of Directors by a two-thirds vote may recognize and designate any

group consisting primarily of five or more visually impaired individuals

within the state of Indiana as a local chapter of the American Council of the

Blind of Indiana providing that the constitution, by-laws, and statements of

purpose of the group are not in conflict with the constitution and by-laws of

the American Council of the Blind or of the American Council of the Blind of

Indiana and providing that members of the local chapter shall not be eligible

to continue such membership longer than one year without holding simultaneous

membership in the American Council of the Blind of Indiana. Any financial

agreement between the American Council of the Blind of Indiana and a local

chapter shall be subject to a two-thirds vote of approval by the Board of


Examples of such agreements may include: Appropriations to a local chapter, a

sharing of profits in a fund raising project, a sharing of expenses in a program

to advance the welfare of the blind, or cooperative involvement in any financial

venture in which the American Council of the Blind of Indiana may properly



Article VI: Meetings

A.      A regular meeting of this organization shall be held once each year to be known

as the annual convention. A majority of all votes certified and seated at the

convention shall constitute a quorum to do business.

   B. The bord of directors shall hold four (4) meetings each year. Additional

meetings may be held at the call of the president or at the request of any five (5) voting

members of the board.  A quorum to conduct routine business shall consist of a

majority of the voting members. Executive actions shall require a quorum

consisting of two-thirds of the voting members of the board.


Article VII: Dissolution

The American Council of the Blind of Indiana, Inc. will in case of dissolution

pay all liabilities from the assets of the organization and any remaining funds

will be given to a nonprofit organization designated by a majority of the



Article VIII: Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any regular convention of this organization

by a two-thirds vote, and by-laws by a simple majority vote of those present and

voting according to voting procedures contained herein.





1. Any person eighteen years or older shall be eligible to apply for membership

in this organization.


2. The dues of this organization shall be seven dollars ($7.00) annually

effective 2003. .To be a member in good standing and eligible to vote at the

annual convention, the dues must be paid not less than thirty days prior to the



3. Duties Of Officers.

  A. The president shall be responsible for the supervision of all employees of

this organization and for the selection and dismissal of all employees of this

organization except for professional staff subject to the approval of the

Board of Directors.

  B. The secretary shall keep an accurate record of all Board meetings and

conventions of the organization.

  C. The treasurer of this organization, in addition to the usual duties of such

office, shall forward to the secretary the names of all voting members as

received. The treasurer shall furnish a financial report at each meeting of

the Board of Directors.


4. Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors.

  A. All appointments of professional staff shall be submitted to the Board of

Directors within thirty days. Such appointments shall not be final until

approved by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Directors.

  B. Dismissal of professional staff shall be the sole responsibility of the

Board of Directors. Such dismissal shall require a majority vote of the Board

of Directors and only after the employee in question has been offered an

opportunity for a hearing.

  C. The Board of Directors shall elect a committee of three which shall

recommend a budget to the Board of Directors for the ensuing calendar year.

Once a budget has been adopted by the Board of Directors it cannot be altered

except by a two-thirds vote by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors

may be polled by mail or e-mail.

  D. All elected members of the Board of Directors, including officers, shall

have as a duty regular attendance at all Board meetings. Any member who fails

to attend more than three (3) consecutive meetings without good cause, as

determined by the Board, shall cease to be a member, and the unexpired term

shall be filled as set forth in Article IV, Section E. of the Constitution."


5. Standing Committees.

  A. The president shall appoint a state membership chairman.

  B. The president, within sixty days after the close of each state convention,

shall appoint a chairman and not less than four additional members as a

resolutions committee. This committee shall receive and prepare resolutions to

be considered at its opening meeting in conjunction with the ensuing state

convention. All resolutions submitted to the committee shall be reported upon

with or without committee recommendations.

  C. An auditing committee of three individual American Council of the Blind of

Indiana members shall be elected annually by the board of directors. Members

of this committee shall not be members of the board of directors and shall serve

until their successors have been elected.


6. Special Groups.

The Board of Directors, by majority vote, may appoint persons to serve as

members of a volunteer liaison panel not to exceed nine in number and with no

more than one per organization with which liaison is desired. Each appointment

shall be subject to endorsement by the organization with which the appointee is

identified. Appointments shall be annual, and for no more than five consecutive

terms. Appointees need not be American Council of the Blind of Indiana members.

Members of the liaison panel shall be invited to attend all regularly scheduled

meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be eligible to participate in Board

discussions without voting rights.


Constitution and bylaws updated: October 9, 2016

Updated 08/27/2017